We know that you love your pets and dogs. You care about them and you try to satisfy all of their needs. However, sometimes you do not understand their needs but Ebarkshop knows. What makes Ebarkshop different from others is its inseparable relationship with pets and dogs.

Journey Of Apricot

We did not start our business just randomly and just for the sake of the money. Our journey starts with our first dog, which we bought about a decade ago. It was a very small Pomeranian dog with fluffy neck and fluffy tail. We named him Apricot. We did not know his needs and in what manners we could make him happy. One day Apricot got severely sick; he was taken to a veterinarian, who told us that Apricot could not survive because he had deadly kidney disease. It was a shock for the whole family, and everybody got active suddenly.

Even some of the friends started to find a cure for the disease. Finally, we met another veterinarian who assured us that he could cure the dog. He told us the reason for the disease.

Excess of energy, boredom, and no exercise change the behavior of the dogs. When they are mentally unhappy, it affects their physical health and sometimes they catch a deadly disease.

In those days, not many websites were selling products like pet beds, dog collars, electronic cat toys, car seat protectors, pet Selfie tools, slow feeder bowls. Therefore, we tried to make some of them at home. Apricot was taking regular medication; we took him for a stroll regularly. It had everything, which we made at home, to make him happy. Within two years, Apricot recovered completely.

Ebarkshop Research

It was a good experience because it motivated us including Carly Strife, Matt Meeker, and Henrik Werdelin to do something for other dogs. We started our research about dogs, their behaviors, and factors affecting their behaviors, their mating tendencies, diseases, vaccines, and medications. After a long but satisfying experience and research, we decided to start our online pet toys, products, and other related goods store Ebarkshop.

Thus, Ebarkshop is not started just for the whim; there is a logical background for this essay writers free. We do not sell products; we sell our experience and expertise. Therefore, no other company can compete with Ebarkshop in terms of innovation and conceptualization. Our vision is to enrich the life of your pet with our innovation. We offer several chewing items with health benefits because we manufacture our own rubber with specific ingredients keeping in view various health and behavior benefits. Thence, our products offer a double edge; first, the happiness of your dog; second, your pet’s health. We have a long list of satisfied customers.

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Ebarkshop is a combination of dog lovers, dog owners, dog therapists, veterans, veterinarians, dog lovers, dog experts, and we support many animal welfare organizations financially, through expertise, and by offering our services without any charge.

Ebarkshop Mission

Most of our team members have many dogs of different breeds. They know the historical background of dogs and their breeding. Our analysts work 24/7 to gather information about dogs from all over the world. Our research is highly valuable and beneficial for our product development. If you need free advice regarding any issue from health to well-being, mating, and behavior change, you are always welcome. The most amazing thing between you and our company is our love for dogs and our concern for their future. So, become a part of our family and do something for your dogs! if you have any queries please feel free to contact us.