Ebarkshop Privacy Policy

Ebarkshop.com is an online pet product selling store and customers share information regarding their dogs such as dogs’ videos and pictures with our other customers. Ebarkshop.com’s Privacy Policy covers all the customers including participants, visitors, and subscribers.

Information we collect from our customers

When any customer registers as a user of Ebarkshop.com, we require name, email address, and zip code of the customer. Moreover, if the customer wants to register his or her pet, we also require information such as breed, name, age, activities, gender, and other information about your pet.

As we want to offer maximum benefits to our users; therefore, we gather summative information. We are in compliance with various privacy laws of the United States such as the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTC) [1914], ECPA (Electronic Communication Privacy Act [1986], CFAA (Computer Fraud & Abuse Act [1986], COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act [1998], CAN-SPAM Act 2003, and other relevant acts and regulations.

Therefore, Ebarkshop.com is in compliance with the U.S. Data Protection Act 2019; we use your personal data to collect the following information; in this privacy policy, the words we, us, or our mean Ebarkshop.com, which owns the website.

It is our commitment to comply with the U.S. Data Protection Act 2019 and to follow and adhere to the laws of different jurisdictions around the world concerning data protection. Moreover, we ensure you that your personal data, which we have, is used lawfully and fairly. The privacy statement clearly exhibits in what manner we collect and where we use your personal information. We always require your consent prior to collect your personal information. If you disagree then we do not collect your personal data.

If you have any issue in this regard or related to your personal information, which our company collects or if you desire to delete, make a correction or update your personal data, kindly, see the section ‘Contact Us.’