Many of us consider business vs entrepreneurship as the same thing but in reality, there is a minor difference between both terms. A businessman is a person who acts as a market player by implementing old ideas whereas an entrepreneur is a person who acts as a market manager and he is the one who creates new ideas that businessmen use for starting their business. An entrepreneur can be a businessman but it takes a lot for a businessman to be an entrepreneur.

Who is a businessman??

Now as you have got a basic idea about business vs entrepreneurship. Let us understand the main features of a businessman that are listed below.

  1. Businessman runs an existing idea.
  2. Businessmen are afraid of taking risks.
  3. Businessmen follow the old traditional methods.
  4. Businessmen are market players.
  5. A businessman’s goal is to earn money.

If a person having the qualities that are listed above are the businessmen.

Once you get a clear idea of a businessman, it’s easy to understand the qualities of an entrepreneur.

Who is an entrepreneur??

Entrepreneurs are the ones who possess the following qualities.

  1. Entrepreneurs have a unique idea
  2. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers.
  3. Entrepreneurs start with their new idea.
  4. Entrepreneurs are Market managers.
  5. Entrepreneurs’ main focus is to bring a change in the world.

Which is more competitive business or entrepreneurship??

Once you have understood the qualities of a businessman and entrepreneur then it’s really easy to answer the above question. As I told you that business is an existing idea so it’s quite obvious that the competition rate of the business will automatically be higher then entrepreneurship because entrepreneurship is all about publishing new ideas to the market which results in leading to low competition

What is good business vs entrepreneurship??

Well, it totally depends upon the idea of what you actually want to do. All you need to do is ask yourself a few questions For instance, ask yourself, Am I introducing something new in the marketplace?  If someone else is doing the same work, What if someone is having the same business like yours? By answering these questions you will get a better idea about your strengths and weaknesses and can ultimately change your weakness into strengths so it is easy for a  businessman to cope with their weakness by understanding their competitors.

Whereas this is not possible in entrepreneurship because your idea is unique and you don’t have any competitors because you are the initiator of that idea. Entrepreneurship is all about solving problems by taking risks. However business is all about using strategies for making more money and it has no concern about problem-solving.

So If you love to take risks then go with entrepreneurship but if you have an existing idea and are afraid of taking risks then the business is a good idea for you.

Do all online platforms come in the category of business or entrepreneurship ??

Let me ask you a question. Do you think of youtube, Facebook, fiver, etc as business vs entrepreneurship?? If your answer is yes then sorry cause you’re wrong. The people using these platforms as a source of their earnings are the businessmen whereas the ones who developed these platforms are entrepreneurs.

Let’s take youtube as an example there are millions of users who use youtube on daily basis for their entertainment purpose, whereas the ones who are providing them those content are the people who have different channels who are always busy finding new ways which make them unique from their competitors so in short the content and video creator on youtube are businessmen whereas developers of youtube are the Entrepreneurs.

Hope you have found all your answers about business vs entrepreneurship. By reading the article what do you think of yourself? Answer from the options that are given below.

A) I will be an entrepreneur.

B)  I will be a businessman

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