Content marketing is a process of building a mutual relationship between the content creator and the content viewer. The main goal of content marketing is to provide high-quality and relevant content to the targeted audience.

Do you think content marketing is all about content writing??

Well, content is not only about content writing or provide content writing services. Content can be a video, an article, website content, and blog that help the user in finding answers to their questions.

Does Relevancy important factor of Content Marketing

Let’s understand this with an example. For instance, If you type “BEST BURGERS IN THE TOWN” in Google and list of search result appear on the screen and you randomly click a website that contains all information about “Pizza” and you ask yourself why did I even click this site so that how relevancy is the key of content. Google bots are always on websites for checking the relevance.

How do Google bots check the relevancy of the Website?

I know you must be confused that Google can check the relevancy of a website because there are millions of websites on Google. How is this even possible for google to check the relevancy of millions of websites?? Well, there are millions of bots or small programs that are sent on web pages for tracking all the information about the website. For instance, google bot tracks all the basic information like how much time users spent on your website? If a user clicks your website and within a  minute exits your website this will create Pogo linking and that indicates the bots that the site has don’t fulfill the user query which will automatically result in decreasing your rank.

As I told above that Content creation comes in many forms but being a content writer I can only help you in creating eye-catchy content that will not bore the reader or create content for any business guest posting website.

Do you want to be a content writer and don’t know where to start??

If yes then you are in the right place. Writing is all about generating your ideas through words and that’s how a good writer engages a reader with words. Here I have discussed awesome ways of writing content that will engage your reader without making them bored.

  • How to write web content?

As you know websites are all about giving information about your business and brand to the customers so, before writing web content you have to keep the following points in your mind.

  • Identify the purpose of your website.

Writing content without knowing about the website is a waste of time. Before writing content you need to understand the goals of the website.

  • Know your Audience.

Write content by keeping your audience in mind will help you in writing engaging content which will not bore your audience.

  • Search existing websites Content.

Auditing different websites for their content will give you a better idea about writing content.

  • Determine the purpose of each webpage.

The content of every web page should be different. For instance, on the about us page, you have to write information about who the website owner, what their goals are, and how much they have achieved.

  • Write content by applying SEO strategies

Writing content that doesn’t appear on the search engine is a waste of time. So you have to write content that implements all the basic SEO strategy. Check our Article SEO if you want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization.

  • How to write Blog content?

Blog Writing is my personal favorite because it’s all about writing brief yet short content that captures the audience in a better way

  1. Use images that capture the reader’s attention.
  2. Use eye-catchy titles.
  3. Write the topic in such a way that doesn’t bore your audience
  4. Write a blog like you are connected with the reader.
  5. Conclude your blog with a proper conclusion.
  6. Ask the reader to comment on their questions.
  7. Answer every question of the reader politely.

  • How to proofread web content?

Proofreading is the process of eliminating grammatical, spelling, punctuation, or formatting errors from your writings. Before publishing your articles proofreading them can give them life. Following are the tips for proofreading content.

  1. Carefully read the content.
  2. Check spelling mistakes.
  3. Check the grammar of the text.
  4. Check all content on a page are of equal size.
  5. Highlight every punctuation mark.
  6. After every full stop,
  7. The starting letter after a full stop must be capital.
  8. The list of things should be separate with a comma.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Our proofreading and Editing the same?  Give your answer in the comment section.

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