Email marketing is a process of increasing sales of a particular product by sending advertisement messages to a group of people having email.

Is Email Marketing Still Efficient for Increasing Sales?

Most people these days believe that email marketing is dead. But Do you believe the same?? If yes then you’re wrong because Email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways for increasing sales. Though there are lots of communication mediums these days, email is still considered one of the most efficient and relevant methods for professional communications.

Do you know how many emails are sent in a day??

According to researchers, more than 260 billion emails are sent in a day. So from this figure, you must have understood that email is still one of the most relevant methods for marketing. Writing good email content is a crucial part of email marketing. Don’t know how to write email content?? Then below are some strategies that will help you in writing powerful email content that increase your sale.    

How to write email content for marketing?

Writing marketing emails is not the same as writing regular emails because marketing emails are all about persuading the reader to not only buy the product but the main purpose of marketing mail is making buyers into forever customers. Whereas regular emails are all about sending information without any concern of persuading the reader. Below are some techniques which will surely help you in writing persuasive marketing emails that grab the attention of your targeted audience.

  • Write a clear subject line

Many readers open the mail because of the subject line so write subject line related to the content. Try to write short but eye-catching subject lines.

  • Personalize your email

It’s a physiologically belief that reading mails that mention the name of the reader attracts them more and can help in better engagement. For example, start your email by mentioning the name of the person just like i have written below.

Hey David,

  • Write short and to the point email

Writing emails with long paragraphs is not at all a good idea because people love reading short descriptions. So next time try to write short emails so that the reader doesn’t find your email boring.

Writing marketing email by implementing the above strategies will definitely help you in writing good email content. But before writing an email, approaching customers is crucial. So below are the strategies for approaching customers through email.

  • How to Approach Customers through email?

Approaching your customers through email is not an easy task.  Writing tons of email for different customers is time consuming and boring. But all good praise goes to mailchimp that has made sending email an easy task in which the emails are sent automatically but before sending mails choosing a good template with correct mail format is important. With mailchimp all you need is to create the format and import your mail content and HURRAH!! The mails are not only sent automatically but mailchimp can also help  in sending  multiple offers multiple times. For example, Sales offer, Discount offer, Lucky draw offer, Event offers any many other offers.

Every brand wants to market their brand to the targeted audience in order to increase their brand value and sale. Want to increase your brand awareness?? Below are some amazing strategies for increasing your brand awareness.

  • How to increase brand awareness?

Brand awareness is a way of building a positive relation of a brand to the customers so that they remember your brand whenever they want to make a purchase and that is how brand awareness  helps in increasing the sale. Following techniques are used for brand awareness.

  • Market your brand on social media
  • Send PR packages to the influences
  • Partnership with local business
  • Email marketing
  • Do good seo on your website
  • Pay for google Ads

 Did you know ?? Marketing Email is still one of the cheapest and most effective ways for increasing brand awareness. So if your business has a low budget for brand awareness then choosing email marketing is one of the best ways for increasing your brand awareness  at a low price

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